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Looking to expand your reach? Changing the way you do business? Want to live stream your game-play?

There are many styles of live streaming and Panasonic has a camera to suit your needs, whether you’re live streaming directly to social media, mixing gameplay and media for video on demand platforms, or holding a virtual business conference.

Panasonic cameras check all the boxes:

  • Clean HDMI Output
  • No Recording Time Limits
  • Constant power options
  • Full HD 60P as minimum
  • Front-Facing Free-Angle LCDs

Find a camera to suit your live stream


Match your action packed gameplay with a high-speed mirrorless camera that can keep pace with you.

If you want to match your crisp gameplay with an impressive camera for your live stream, Panasonic can help you get started.

For those just starting out in live streaming and wanting something better than a webcam, a simple and easy to use video camera like the HC-V180 is a great choice. It has clean HDMI output, comes with a USB charging cable in the box to keep you running for long periods, plus zoom and a front-facing screen. If you want even better image quality, the 4K HC-VX1 is just as easy to use.

TIP = Lighting is key to making your camera look good on stream. Make sure your face is front lit and then customise the rest of the scene to your taste. Your audience also needs to hear you so if you’re not using a gaming headset try using a USB desk mic or lapel mic to add your voice.

A mid-tier solution if you’re planning to live stream and make YouTube videos would be the LUMIX DMC-G85 or DC-G95. Both of these cameras offer clean HDMI output, Eye Detect AF in video, and fully articulating LCD screens which touch controls. Getting crisp footage has never been so easy. Want to make pre-recorded YouTube videos or vlogs on the go? Use the 4K internal recording on the cameras and the powerful in-body stabilisation will keep you looking smooth. For live streams longer than 2 hours make sure you also grab an AC adaptor (DMW-AC10) and DC coupler (DMW-DCC8).

Ready to go pro? We hear you. The flagship trio, Lumix DC-GH5, LUMIX DC-GH5S, and LUMIX DC-G9 are content creator powerhouses. They feature 4K 60 HDR video capture with clean HDMI output, impressive low light video, and the ability to record super slow-motion for creative content. The DC-GH5 and DC-GH5S also have accessories available to capture hi-res audio via XLR.

To broadcast the HDMI output from these cameras, you’ll need a HDMI capture card to convert the output to a video capture input for streaming software such as the open source OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).

TIP= Give your stream some colour and personality by adding RGB lighting to your background.

Mirrorless Hybrid Camera

Clean 4K HDMI Output

• No Recording Limit

• Microphone Input

• Constant Power via Adaptor


Never miss a beat with impressive stabilisation, wide-angle lens, and inputs
for microphone. Panasonic helps you keep the personal in Personal Training.

Looking to take your group training sessions online and worldwide? Or do you prefer personalised one-on-one classes with your loyal clientele? Panasonic has a solution that fits your style of fitness.

The Panasonic HC-X1500, HC-X2000, and AG-CX10 feature built-in live streaming via Wi-Fi direct to your preferred social media platform. Depending on your preference, a platform can also have private or public streaming options. A simple 4-step process allows you to create your stream post and schedule your stream ahead of time, setup your Wi-Fi details, input your stream key (from your post) and then go live to your audience. You can connect mics using the built-in 3.5mm inputs, or the XLR inputs included with the HC-X2000 and AG-CX10 which allow you to use more powerful high fidelity microphones. The HC-X1500 can also use XLR mic with the optional VW-HU1 handle accessory. The great thing about these solutions is the mobility of not needing a computer to go live once your stream is scheduled.

Tip= If filming outside, always present facing towards the sun so that your face is well lit. LED light panels can also come in handy.

If you want to include additional content in your stream like graphics, logos and pre-recorded content, the HC-X1500 and HC-X2000 give you the flexibility to pre-record content such as slow motion video and then switch to that content in software like OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) while using a HDMI capture card and a PC to go live to your audience.

TIP= Audio is important! Don’t forget to use a lapel microphone, either cabled or wireless so that your audience can hear you clearly.

All In One 4K 60P

Easy Direct Streaming via WiFi

• Mix Audio Sources In Camera

• Handheld Stabilisation with 24x Zoom


Deliver crystal clear stereo reproduction and close-up image detail to your students or followers, every time. Panasonic’s flexible audio capabilities put you in the room, live and clear.

Want to be heard? Whether you’re performing live from your home studio or holding music classes remotely, use a Panasonic camera so you can always sound and look your best.

Have your audience waiting for you by scheduling a live stream on your preferred social media or video on demand platform such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitch and connecting your HC-X1500 or HC-X2000 directly via Wi-Fi using your stream key. Hook up your instruments, mixer and microphone using XLR inputs included with the HC-X2000 and AG-CX10, or with the optional VW-HU1 handle which adds XLR to the HC-X1500. These cameras also come with 3.5mm inputs, giving you full control over your audio!

If you are tutoring students via conferencing software such as Skype or Zoom, a HDMI capture card will allow you to use any Panasonic camera with clean HDMI output as your video source (see list at bottom). For the best sounding audio, use a camera that accepts XLR or a 3.5mm input, or you may want to use an external USB microphone for the PC.

Moody lighting is great for live performances, and the LUMIX DC-GH5S coupled with a fast aperture lens is the perfect solution when working in low light scenes. The H-X1025 lens is a fast aperture wide-angle lens, which is great for filming in dark environments. The DC-GH5S also accepts XLR audio via the optional DMW-XLR1 adaptor.

Mirrorless Hybrid Camera

High Quality 4K Video Output

• No Recording Limit

• Professional Audio Options

• Front-Facing Free-Angle Screen


Engage with your customers and present your products or services in their best light with a simple yet professional looking live streaming solution

Be the face of your brand online! Live streaming lets your business reach a wider audience, display your products or services, and gives you the ability to add a human element to your web presence.

You can host a video web chat with professional looking results, using a mirrorless camera like the DC-G95. With the camera’s 3.5mm input, you can add a wireless lapel microphone so you can converse clearly with your customers or business partners. Coupled with a HDMI capture card, you can use this combination with commonly used video conferencing software to wow your viewers.

Tip= Always have good lighting on your face and products. A simple LED light panel or ring light will help you manage your lighting. Also keep your background as clean as possible and use that space to display branding or logos.

If you’re looking for a simple, all-in-one solution to get online the HC-X1500 can to link directly to your business’ Facebook page or other social media platform over Wi-Fi giving you great looking results without the need for a HDMI capture card. You can still add a wireless microphone for more versatile audio options, and you’re all set to starting presenting your brand.

No matter what style of live streaming you plan to do, make it amazing with a Panasonic camera. The charts below show a list of Panasonic products and their live streaming benefits, to help you pick the one for you.


• Easy Direct Streaming via WiFi

• Simple Video Operation

• Microphone Input

• Stream to your Social Networks

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Whether you’re new to streaming or looking to improve your game, the Panasonic range of cameras deliver superb video quality for livestreaming, video capture, webinars or remote conferencing. Shoot your shot and make it amazing with Panasonic.



Live streaming requires additional hardware not included with the camera purchase.